America's Premier Manufacturer
of Custom Displays and Fixtures

Sunglass Display Company (SDC) is America’s premier manufacturer of custom displays and fixtures for retail stores, trade shows and events.

All of our fixtures are made in our own production facility in the USA. Why is that important to our customers?

SDC saves time – you work directly with our designers in creating your display or fixture. Our design team draws on a wealth of experience in materials and presentation to create highly effective custom displays and fixtures

SDC saves money – time is money…with SDC you never have to deal with international transit. We even drop ship direct
SDC promotes your brand better – our displays enhance the value and quality of your product

SDC moves your product – aligning attractive product display with optimal inventory levels boosts sales while increasing efficiency

SDC creates value – built to last to withstand years of use

Our approach to building custom displays and fixtures is straightforward. SDC is family-owned and operated. We take pride in creating and building displays and fixtures that display product better and last longer. And, while our prices are competitive, we’ve never built fixtures just to be cheaper.

Sunglass Display